Monday, March 30, 2015

Workplace Talent Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

How does excellence in workplace talent - that is, the right people in each job - influence your business success?  Let us count the ways!

     1)  In bringing enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to work everyday

     2)  Through positive and productive interactions with others on the work team

     3)  By understanding, addressing and completely satisfying your customers' requirements

     4)  In creating effective solutions to the business challenges each day brings

People Powered Solutions LLC (PPS) is in the business of assessing and enhancing workplace talent to support business growth and innovation.

I am Gayla Doucet, and I own People Powered Solutions.  I founded my company in 2004 in Arizona, and have worked nationally and internationally as a workplace talent consultant, coach and facilitator since then.

My business profile, background and professional qualifications are located on LinkedIn:

Consulting companies I have regularly partnered with include:

   The Talent Development team

   Cizek Associates, Inc.

   Hiring By Design

Contact me at 480.235.1508 to discuss the solutions PPS provides to enhance performance in YOUR organization.